Test results, research, yuck

Looked over the results from my labs a few weeks ago and a few things stuck out. First of all, my glucose levels aren’t high. Neither are my insulin levels. They may be at the high end of normal, but suggesting that I’m insulin resistant or pre-diabetic might have been a stretch.

Still, my diet is good for me.

My goal is not to look like a supermodel. My goal is to get myself to a healthy maintainable weight. At 5’8”, my BMI would be at the high end of normal if I were 164lbs. That means I have 26lbs more to go (hopefully by the beginning of summer). Doable, yes. When I get back from vacation I’ll have to resume my diet and exercise routine. I’ll have about 10 days to myself that I might even be able to try my vegan-raw diet again. I’ve been aching to try these vegan-raw samosas.

Ultimately, I’d like to be comfortable. I’d like to be in the middle of a normal BMI (on the low-end, I’d weigh, like, 125 lbs and that’s just ridiculous). 140? 145? That would be perfect.

Just gotta keep motivated.

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